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Welcome to the Re-discovering YOu coaching series

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The Re-Discovering YOU coaching series is my favorite of all my coaching programs. I love facilitating this particular coaching series because it is one that covers all aspects of your life and at the end you will have a clear idea of who you are and what you really want.
We often function from the trauma and drama that life throws our way and simply react to it. Instead of allowing ourselves to find out what there is to discover from life and how we can move beyond that trauma and drama. This is no fault of yours, it is your default setting, and it is how you have been “programmed”.
The exciting thing is that you don’t have to continue to function from that point of view. During the 12 sessions of this amazing series, we will work through the various units of this program and start shifting our focus to the choices that life offers and start removing some of the limiting beliefs and default settings you might be living life from.
As we move away from the trauma and drama that we are so used to functioning from, we start to feel and think differently. We  can start to take control over our own lives and start living from a place of power. 
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  • 12 Private 1 hour Coaching Sessions via Zoom.
    3 Session per week. 4 Weeks COACHING
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  • Worksheets on topics covered
  • Downloadable workbook covering the entire coaching series available at the end of the coaching series
  • FREE 30 Day Journal of Gratitdue
  • Daily Motivational Quote for the duration of your Coaching