Shifting your focus towards 2021
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Join me for an objective look back at 2020 

and a focus-driven goal-setting workshop. 

This is not your average goal-setting workshop. With some thought provoking worksheets 

and a few interesting tools you'll get the 

chance to start looking at life a little differently. 

Enabling you to make better choices when it 

comes to setting your purposeful goal for 2021.

With a constructive look back at 2020 

we can get some interesting insights 

which will make 2021 a fun and 

exciting year to plan. 

Come join in on this day of reflection, projection, and planning.... coupled with a bit of FUN. 

Finish 2020 STRONG and Start 2021 with Purpose!


9 January 2021



To be advised. 

Dependent on numbers and COVID-19 complience.



9am to 4:30pm



R980.00 per person



Thought provoking, Goal Setting Workshop

Inclusive of take home Workbook

Teas, Coffees & Water

Mid-Morning and Afternoon Snacks

as well as Lunch supplied


Bonus available to all who attend this workshop in person:

A downloadable 30 day Gratitude Journal



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about Colleen

I am Colleen Strauss, a Holistic Life Coach, who encourages you to look at your life from the "BIG PICTURE" point of view and by doing so enables you to make shifts that are congruent to who you are. This process ensures lasting change. 

I have been a certified Life Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programme Practitioner since 2015. I have added many tools to my toolbox over the last few years, which enables me to adjust my processes to best suit you. You get a tailor-made programme for your specific needs.

I am a mom of two amazing boys, Jason now 22 and Tristan 16, and have been married to Mark (my super supportive hubby) for 26 years. As a mom and a wife, I know what change means, I'm sure all you parents out there can relate.

My growth as a mom and wife has been phenomenal. The life lessons never stop. You have to either learn to grow with these changes or you end up losing out on an exciting ride. I was not planning to lose out, so I had to grow. Believe me when I say that this has not come without its challenges. At times it has been difficult watching my boys grow into young men. BUT the ride has been amazing. I have enjoyed every minute of it. 

I'm here now to help you handle that changing circumstance you might be facing. Whether it be a new career, an empty nest or a new venture having a Life Coach (ME) in your corner, as your sounding board, keeping you on track, focus and accountable is invaluable. 

Phone April 2020 338
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what to expect
Gain More Clarity on what is truly important to you
Determine your highest values & understand how your values influence your attitudes, behaviours and actions. 
Set or Fine Tune Goals
Determine if your goal aligned with your authentic self
Learn some tools to help you grow In Confidence
Uncover and address the limiting thoughts, beliefs and stories
Start creating Your Vision Board


Come learn some tools, have some fun and move beyond your limitations